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Educational Webinars for Healthcare Professionals.

As part of our commitment to promote wellness education, Rocky Mountain Analytical regularly offers Educational Webinars for Healthcare Professionals.  

  • All webinars are free unless otherwise stated.
  • NOTE: Rocky Mountain Analytical uses GoToWebinar hosting service for webinars. Once you register you will receive confirmation emails and instructions from GoToWebinar. Please make sure you allow these emails to enter your inbox.
  • Log on to drOPsite to watch our archived webinars

We welcome your feedback. If you have comments or questions about our webinars, please send them to webinars@rmalab.com


How to Connect to Live Webinars

Once you complete your registration an email will be sent to you from GoToWebinar confirming your registration and outlining instructions on how to join the webinar event.

You will also receive a reminder email from GoToWebinar the day before the live event.

On the date and time of the live Webinar:

  • Open the email you received from GoToWebinar that includes a link to Join Webinar and follow the instructions.
  • Launch or run the GoToWebinar software (via the internet). The software does not stay on your PC.

During the webinar you will be able to watch, listen and interact by typing questions into the question box.

  • Once you are connected via your computer, you will be able to choose how you want to listen to the Webinar, example:
  • through your computer speakers
  • by using a headset
  • by using the telephone. If you choose this method, you will need to enter the PIN number that appears once you are connected to the Webinar on your computer to activate the audio.

Note: if you connect to a Webinar by phone you will pay long distance charges. We recommend you have a long distance plan in place.