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Saliva Hormone Testing

Webinar Recording

Log on to DrOPsite to access a recording of the Saliva Hormone Testing Webinar presented by Dr. George Gillson, MD on Arpil 26, 2011 and corresponding slides. 

Webinar Details

Dr. Gillson will cover the following topics regarding saliva hormone testing

  • how hormones get into saliva
  • how 'homegrown' hormone levels compare to supplemented hormone levels
  • monitoring hormone levels when sublingual hormones are being used
  • clinical utility of salivary estrogens: estradiol, estrone, estriol
  • clinical utility of dihydrotestosterone testing
  • salivary DHEAS and metabolic syndrome
  • pitfalls of DHEAS testing after supplementing with 7-keto-DHEA
  • clinical utility of month-long hormone assessment (E2, Pg across the month, with pooled testosterone sample)
  • salivary cortisol: how best to measure, what it means,  relative merits of first-morning, 2-point, 3-point, or 4-point cortisol curve