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Working with Rocky Mountain Analytical

We are the only accredited laboratory in Canada exclusively for preventive and integrative medicine professionals.

Why We're Different

Our Philosophy

Rocky Mountain Analytical wants to help people get well and stay well.  We do that by offering tests that focus on prevention and early identification of potential health conditions.  

Unique among Canadian laboratories, Rocky Mountain Analytical has significant expertise in functional and integrative medicine.  And our broad expertise enables us to provide clinical support to both new and experienced functional and integrative medicine professionals.

Our Reports

Rocky Mountain Analytical's test reports set us apart from our competitors. They include detailed scientific information and a comprehensive interpretation that is simple, clear, and relatable.

Easy-to-read overviews of test findings allow healthcare professionals to receive and digest reported results quickly, and that ultimately leads to better health outcomes.

Our Quality

Our commitment to quality is evident from our assay technique and our comprehensive application of patient specific information. For example, the symptom and hormone information provided by patients allows us to make interpretations that link hormone levels to clinical history.

Through our commitment to innovation, quality and outstanding service, we continually strive to advance the science of wellness.

Our Clientele

Over 2500 registered healthcare professionals from all across Canada currently order Rocky Mountain Analytical tests. 

See Find a Professional for a list of Healthcare professionals registered with Rocky Mountain Analytical.