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IMPORTANT:  Rocky Mountain Analytical does not endorse or recommend specific practitioners. All medical advice,  treatment and/or products and services given by those listed in this directory should be taken at your own discretion.  Note that the services and expertise of each practitioner vary.  For example:  not every practitioner has expertise in hormone replacement or hormone testing, nor do all have experience with element testing and chelation therapy.

Rocky Mountain Analytical makes no representation or warranty regarding any practitioner's products or services.

Rocky Mountain Analytical does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

This list cannot be used to verify credentials or licensure of healthcare professionals. 



The following regulated healthcare professionals have registered with Rocky Mountain Analytical and agreed to be listed on our website.

Use the search function below to find a healthcare professional near you. Note: it make take a few seconds for the information to load and the search function to appear.

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Can't find a healthcare professional close to you?  Your healthcare professional can register on our website or, they can email us at info@rmalab.com and we'd be happy to send him or her information on our tests.