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What Rocky Mountain Analytical Does

Changing lives, one test at a time.

Rocky Mountain Analytical is an accredited medical laboratory that offers tests to help you get well and stay well. 

Our tests help find trouble spots before the trouble really starts.   We test hormone levels, food reactions, environmental toxins and essential fatty acid levels to help you and your healthcare professional identify potential health problems before they start .

See  Our Tests  for  a complete list of tests available to you through your regulated healthcare professional.

Other Resources

  • Symptom Search  to match symptoms with tests that may provide insight into their cause. 
  • Find a Healthcare Professional  lists naturopathic doctors, physicians and other regulated healthcare professionals across Canada.  Use our search feature to find a professional near you.

Rocky Mountain Analytical has been providing laboratory services to healthcare professionals for over 10 years.   We are the only accredited laboratory in Canada offering tests designed to find the meaning behind the symptom.